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Entertaining has been a family tradition for the Foti Fireworks family since 1793 commencing in Italy before moving to Australia over half a century ago. Now in its 8th generation, the family’s knowledge and passion for the art pyrotechnics has laid the foundation for a business and operation that is the most awarded in Australia with an enviable production portfolio and reputation that spans the globe.

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Pyrotechnics Fireworks Company Total Entertainment

The knowledge and passion of the Foti family is matched by the professionalism and energy of their experienced crew and support staff. The team is supported by offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hong Kong as well as a state-of-the-art manufacturing, storage and operations facility in Marulan located approximately 170 kilometres south-west of Sydney.

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Environmental Policy pyrotechnic companies

Environmental Policy

Foti’s environmental policy aims to design and manufacture products, conduct operations and provide services in a manner that is responsible to the Earth’s environment, protect its natural resources and is protective of its employee’s health and safety.

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Safety and Risk Management

To achieve ultimate safety, Foti International Fireworks practices Total FX Project Management. This approach means that the principles and practices of Risk Management are applied to all stages of every production. Foti International Fireworks are intensely involved in every stage of the project management process

These stages include; manufacture- both in Australia and China, importation, quality assurance and testing, staff training, display design, display preparation, pre-display risk and environmental assessment, transportation, on-site risk management, display operation, post display surveys, record keeping and procedure.

Foti believe safety management is an ongoing process that involves all members of the Foti team. Policy methods, procedures and safety management plans are continually monitored and updated.